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The Canadian Animal Health Surveillance System (CAHSS) is a distinct division of Animal Health Canada.

We are a member-driven network of networks with broad based support from industry and governments. Working together across geographic regions, animal types, and health topics, we strive for effective, responsive and integrated animal health surveillance in Canada.

Members of CAHSS agree to:

  1. Accept the use of farmed animals in agriculture.
  2. Work to ensure the quality of life for Canadians by protecting animal health and public health and supporting economic prosperity.
  3. Work to ensure scientific rigour and professional and technical competence, acknowledging that real-world factors must be taken into account in decision making.
  4. Encourage openness, collaboration and innovation.
  5. Resolve conflict compassionately, productively, cooperatively and respectfully.
  6. Freely and fully exchange information relevant to animal health while respecting confidentiality.
  7. Work to ensure clarity in animal health surveillance communications by providing relevant background and contextual information.